Frequently Asked Questions

Mrs India Earth is the biggest, Oldest & most fair decision Pageant of India. It is the only pageant Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs India with ®️mark. The pageant has created history in world of pageantry by winning first Mrs Earth Title & other International Titles.

Mrs India Earth pageant has always prestigious Jury like Bollywood actress Bhagyashree, Mahima Choudhary, Kunal Kapoor, Aman Verma, Poonam Dhillon, Sheeba, Claudia, Sandeep Marwah Founder Marwah Film Studio, Nivedita Basu head Atrangi OTT n Balaji Telefilms. Rita Gangwani, Dr Varun Katyal & Pammy Kaul.

Yes, the Pageant Crown has a Special place in Museum at OTA Defence Academy in Chennai, in recognition of MIQS Winner Capt Shalini Singh in 2018.

Yes, First ever Mrs Earth title was won by Mrs India Earth winner Priyanka Khurana.

The pageant aims to empower women by providing them with a platform to express their individuality, talent, and aspirations. It celebrates their achievements, encourages self-confidence, and promotes personal growth.

The pageant has incorporated in 2011 with Winning Of Mrs Ritika Vinay founder Director.

Grooming and training help boost participants' self-confidence and self-esteem. As contestants acquire new skills, refine their appearance, and receive constructive feedback, they gain a sense of accomplishment and belief in their abilities. This newfound confidence can extend beyond the pageant experience, positively impacting other areas of their lives.

The Mrs India Earth provides opportunities for its participants to build connections, network with like-minded individuals. Contestants can share experiences, exchange ideas, and form supportive relationships that extend beyond the pageant. Pageant help them to grow in different dimensions. they can be the Role model & Represent India On International Platform. They can Start Regional Pageant under Earth Guidance. Team help them to start a Philanthropy in thier area. They can work with TV & media.

Please register yourself by clicking APPLY NOW link, and submit required details, you can email your details at or call us at +91 9810417419

Participants may be required to be citizens or residents of India to participate in the Mrs India Earth pageant. Any Indian female or NRI from any part of the world can participate. Divorced, Separated, Widows can be a part of this prestigious pageant.

The Pageant is designed to promote Women Empowerment and their are different rounds to take part, our team guide and groom all the aspirants on every step. Different steps are Registration, Auditions, Interview and Question/Answers.

No, you do not have to submit professional photographs, you can submit any two best pics available with you.

No, you can speak in Hindi also.

Auditions are happening world wide and team is utilising the advancement of technology too, you can register now and get all necessary information on your registered mail id or phone.

We do understand the responsibilities of a Married woman, she plays multiple roles as a wife, mother, daughter or a CEO of a company, so we have both the options available for the Auditions.

Registrations are free of cost, once you get selected for further rounds then you need to pay fee of 2999/ for AUDITIONS.

You can pay by Cheque, UPI, NEFT, credit/Debit Card , Cash.

The Judges for the Mrs. India Earth Pageant will be educated to use the following principles when evaluating all of the delegates. Their crucial goal will be to find a striking, exceptional woman that has practical and progressive thinking, who knows and understands herself and who maintains a strong and healthy approach with a strong sense of family value and unity. Judges will be looking for the complete package. That individual must hold physical, mental, emotional and nonphysical qualities.

No, we do not have swim wear round.

Yes, Mrs India Queen started the Traditional Costume Round in India in married women pageant system with social message to display.

The grooming & Training starts once you get selected as finalist, few sessions are online an offline, the Final grooming and training takes place at ITC Welcome Hotel New Delhi, with industry experts those have trained various known personality like Miss World Manushi Chillar, Miss India Joya Afros, Diya Mirza.