Let your healthy hair hold your tiara...


Let your healthy hair hold your tiara...


   Living in UAE since 12 years has only made my hair stronger and healthier. Believe in nature more than hair cosmetics. Let  

your scalp breathe and remember few things that are mentioned below:

  • Do not blow dry your hair every time after your hair wash, let it dry the natural way in order to maintain the moisture in your hair .

  • Give your hair more of proteins, curd & egg along with henna is one of the best option.

  • Do not wash your hair with hot water, this will make your scalp and hair dry and dull. You must use warm water in the beginning and end your hair wash with cold water – cold water will close the pores of your scalp and also make your hair look shiny.

       Last cum not the least use my magic oil regularly.

My home-made hair oil is combination of 4 healthy oils and 3 Magical ingredients that makes healthy hair.

  • 4 healthy oils are Coconut oil, Almond oil, Castor oil & Black seed oil. My magical ingredients are gooseberry, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds.

    You need to grind the magical ingredients and make a paste. Keep the paste aside and heat all 4 oils in a pan. Mix the paste to the oil mixture and bring to boil.

    Your Magic Oil is ready for use.

  • Store in an air tight jar, use 3 times a week with mild massage for good results and healthier hair.

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