You will look Manly if you keep lifting weights...


You will look Manly if you keep lifting weights...

This thought or judgement is passed or erupts  in every woman’s mind or thrown by the society whenever she hits the gym for the first time and start lifting weights. Because women are rarely seen on weight section, they are mostly found on treadmill or cross trainer doing more than necessary cardio. There is a widespread fallacy that women who lift heavy weights will make them look masculine like huge bodybuilders we see on television, which is as true as Mayan forecast of world coming to its end in 2012.

Woman’s hormonal makeup is different than men as women have Estrogen which make them women and men have Testosterone that leads to big muscle build up when men do weight lifting. So no matter how much heavy we lift still we will only shrink and look toned and become strong but never grow like a man.Also weight lifting will make women burn more calories than cardio as post weight lifting body consumes calories for muscle build up and maintenance.We should come out of this fearand stop wasting time on doing excessive cardio which leads to muscle loss along with consumption of calories resulting in loose and saggy arms, abdomen , back and legs like a deflated balloon.

Though after reading this everyone’s mind will be struck by the thought of few women who actually look big and masculine oftenly seen on internet and magazines. How do they look like that?? The answer is “steroids”. Yes they inject artificially made male hormones  to grow big and masculine because they are professional bodybuilders and it is the demand of their profession along withyears of tremendous hard work and training. An average female will never look as such without any synthetic intervention.

One should remember this “more heavy you lift , more you shrink”. So with  proper guidance and coaching, we all should go to gym to lift weights and get stronger and healthier. Women’s upliftment is with womanonly by becoming stronger not only mentally but physically too.

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