Right from the childhood through adolescence, I always used to wonder, how it would be to be a “Princess”, how it would be to be a part of a fairy tale. But life isn’t a fairy tale and I realised this with my growing up. And I have penned down how it would have been if I were a Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl named Cinderella. She was very smart and amiable. She lived with her step-mom and step sisters. They were always scheming and plotting against her. Though Cinderella was aware of their malicious intentions, she was thankful to God, that she had a family and a roof on top of her head, after her father was deceased. Her step mom and sisters always kept her busy in menial chores.

One day, they received an invitation for a happening party in town. They were all very excited to go and started planning for it. But Cinderella’s step mom announced that she couldn’t go to the party as she had to do chores. Cinderella was pains truck and gloomy and at the same time, very angry. She thought of teaching them a lesson. She very wackily mixed some chemicals in her sister’s cream. And when they went on to get ready, they groaned with pain, their faces were all swollen up. So her mom had to take them to the doctor, instead of the party.

Now Cinderella was all alone, she had chance to go to the party, but she didn’t have sassy clothes to wear, while she was thinking about it, her doorbell rang. She went to open the door with a heavy heart, thinking it was her stepmom and sisters returning, but to her surprise, it was an old woman, who lived in her neighbourhood and was a friend of Cinderella. She knew about the party and suggested her to go shopping and get ready for the party. She hopped up in excitement and left for shopping and bought herself a beautiful gown and a pair of glittering shoes. When she dressed up she looked just like a princess.

Rushing, she went to the party and was awestruck with the grandeur of the party. The moment she entered the hall, a young, handsome, charming man approached her and asked her to dance. She was completely swept off with his charm and instantly said yes with her mellifluous voice. Both of them danced the whole night. It seemed that, they were engulfed in each other’s world.

But suddenly Cinderella realized that she had to return home on time or she would be in a problem. So without saying a word, she did flee from the party and in hurry she left back her shiny earing. The young man followed her to stop, but it was in vain. Though, he got hold of the earring and put it in his pocket.

The next day he went to find Cinderella, to all the invitees’ house with the single earring that belonged to Cinderella. And finally he was there, right at Cinderella’s home and asked her mom to call all the young girls in the house. Cinderella chuckled with joy, on hearing his voice and she started to step out and meet the man of her dreams, but suddenly a thought struck her. Does she really want this? Does she need a man to make her life the proverbial “happily ever after”, does she really want to marry a man, who had fallen for beauty and charm and not with her virtues. She already was like a slave to her step mom and after marrying a man, she didn’t know if she would be better off. The answer was NO. She really didn’t need a man to make her life happy, in that case, she didn’t need anybody to make her life better. She had to establish her own identity and make her own way to happiness!! And therefore she made a decision, she had to be her own hero and make her life “happily ever after”.

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