Secret of wellness


Secret of wellness

In year 1972, Leela Austin William Pant was suffering from a disease, the disease which was making her weak day by day with loss of strength of muscles and loss of weight. Doctors were neither able to form a diagnosis nor able to prescribe a treatment.  Family did her best to regain her health by every means...but my dadumom (as I always used to call her) told that there is something in her body or mind she is not comfortable with....she is not well.....After suffering for eight months, she finally decided to treat herself. In spite of being an Irish-Indian lady, she surrendered  herself onto the indigenous method of treatment on her own......and to your surprise I want to tell you that she died at the age of 98 without any age bound illness 2 years back....Well dear friends this is not a story. This is a real life cherishing experience of my life I learned from my daadumom. I would like to share the secret of wellness today with you all adapted by my grandmother, I saw her following throughout her age.

Here I would like to add few modern modalities practiced in present scenario also.These all are the methods which I implement personally daily in spite of busy and stressed routine. Sometimes enough of health, wealth, friend circle, fame and luck is also fails to give us the feeling of wellness...and a serpent of vacuum and emptiness surrounds us all, all the time ..Are we we are simply not well.

So here begins the journey of wellness with these small changes.....

Meditation:   Just five minutes of tying your mind through meditation anywhere anytime. Believe me its more than enough to take to the world of wellness. External manifestation of this will increase vitality and peace of mind, sense of well being and positive outlook.  The first response "i m feeling myself again". Initially it may be diverting but gradually mind is trained. There is sense of spiral of energy coming from above down through the head or crown chakra, and  into mind and then body., and yes lastly learn to ignore the fear generated by your mind " I cannot do it.. its not for me".


Spiritual healing:  When we all are disappointed by all, don't we run to that supernatural power but ...yes the modes are different. Buddha once said "illness has many good qualities”. Lack of wellness dispels pride and help us develop qualities as patience and contentment... Of course no one would recommend learning from illness. But few learn as my grandmother did. She was perfect example of the group of people whose lives have been positively transformed simply leaning to look at themselves and their lives in new light. Prayer is the power house of wellness. It is noteworthy that we all notice a sense of peace and serenity in temple, gurudwara, church or mosque? Take few minutes to pray, to concentrate, to feel good about yourself. Heal your soul, not only your body. 

Yoga: (its yog per se in our ved)

She practiced yoga till the last breath. After practicing for 4 months, she claimed that she is getting back the lost one and within total of 8 months she was perfectly fine. The vedas are origin of yoga. It seems difficult to practice few aasanas at a particular age and with restriction but as a whole the benefits of yoga are unparalleled. I too have a believe yoga is the way of life which takes you near where desires end and happiness begins, wellness begins. Yoga is holistic, a balance between mind, body, and soul.  Start the day with suryasan. It would not be suffice to explain different forms of asanaas but I would suggest ... suryasan, vajrasan,padmaasan,bhujangasan, pranayama


A miraculous remedy to remove all the ailments from the body.  Start from any fruit or vegetable in any form. One of the cardinal principles of naturopathy is the bacteria needs a happy hunting ground of ill-looked after body. Look after your body well. Alternate day massage only for 10-15 min with any aroma oil is enough to rejuvenate. A healthy diet is what we eat to live but not live to eat. Little transformation in your diet may make you available for those whom you love and for those who love you a little longer.

Lemon bath: I have experienced  the miraculous effect . Adding two lemon juices on one bucket of water (hot or cold) gives immense relief.

Sun bath: standing or reading newspaper or doing house hold chore in fresh sunlight is enough to infuse wellness in you.

Fruit, fruit juices and milk diet: Out of all seven days, one day should be full of these diets. I like taking tomatoes for breakfast, oranges at lunch time and apples in dinner. Salads are always wholesome. Consuming haldi milk( turmeric milk) at night  is the best way to feel dramatic effect on sleeplessness and cough and cold....

Conclusion: The belief in you is the key of wellness and these small measures are enough to gain back your health, strength and positivity...

Stay connected to nature …..Wish u all a happy wellness and journey towards the beauty of mind and soul.....

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