Wellness a short term comprised of man’s complete life journey in it. It’s a dynamic process of accepting change and growing from inner values and soul. It is a crucial part of our life to live at its fullest which is directly connected to our emotions and actions of everyday life.

Today we all are progressing towards 21st century and hi-tech world. According to researchers it is proved that we come accross around 70,000 thoughts per day but we need to focus on to live in present instead of thinking for future results and regretting our past actions. So it is very important for all people to gain optimal wellness which will teach them to reduce stress, risk of illness and ensure positive vibrations. We must promote and inspire to all for a good lifestyle that helps in protecting our beautiful nature and planet. It can be achieved easily by simply raising awareness among people for environmental consciousness.

Wellness provides an open mind where we can encounter new ideas and expand our knowledge. This gives an active participation in cultural and community activities.We need to balance our inner values and stress for growth of emotional wellness. We must define our spiritual values so that we can seek out meaning and purpose of our life.

So we must practise wellness regularly by doing exercise, yoga, meditation and enriching the positive thoughts.Children are our tomorrow’s vision and future, so lets penetrate the values of wellness in their soul right from now and lets make it as habit not as option for them. As it is said “Positively think about happy thoughts, it helps and improve your wellness”.

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