TITLE- Life Is a Message

Over 5 crore people in India suffers from depression and 322 million people worldwide.

Leading cause of death between 15-29 years of age is suicide.  WHO said and asserted that more women are affected by depression than men.

In our society we never take Depression as a critical angle. We never endeavour to help the person who is experiencing sorrow and the sufferers stay noiseless because of a paranoid fear of being trashed. Also, gradually that prompts mental flimsiness and suicide.

Being a survivor, I have gone through many difficult phases of life. But I have overcome my fears, overcome my disabilities, and here I am stronger, more determined to achieve my goals in life. I choose to rise, choose to fight against the deterrents of my life. In spite of the fact that it was extreme, with my family I battled. Every time I was feeling low, I pick myself up and tried again and again and again...

Through my life's journey I want to inspire those women as little as I can who are depressed from domestic violence, rapes, acid attack, stabbing, early marriages, molestation, stalking and many more counting... because you never know what you can achieve. Life is precious. It's your life your responsibility. Make it worth living.

You Never Realised How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is the Only Choice

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