Health is Wealth


Health is Wealth

Health is wealth is an incomplete saying. Health is wealth, health is happiness, health is beauty, health is fashion, health is lifestyle, health is will power, health is good mind, and health is god. Good health doesn’t only make you feel good but also makes you feel closer to the god and full of positive energy all the time. So when you are Fit& Healthy you look beautiful inside and outside and will have a natural glow and the face. Being health conscious and fit is fashion and to carry it through out your life is a lifestyle.

I never knew the importance of being healthy until I suffered from an illness and went through 4 surgeries. During that phase when you can’t do anything and completely depend on others like a just born baby makes you feel so helpless and guilty.At the same time it made me learn how to be healthy and love yourself.

Being a happy, healthy person is much easier said than done. Lots of focus is spent on exercising our bodies, but what about our minds? Some of us need a cup of coffee to get our day started. For others, a few asanas do the trick. 

It is precisely for the above reasons that we need to focus more on being mentally strong. What we need to do is get good at starting, then starting again. This is an incredible skill that becomes a superpower, when everyone else is complaining about how much they stress they have in life, how difficult things are etc.

When you notice yourself pushing it off, delaying the start, rationalizing why you can start “in a few minutes” … shake that off. Just take the first step. After that the other steps are a lot easier.

Once you’ve started, I personally feel that finding and sticking to a workout routine can be overwhelming. If you’re not used to working out, you might not know where to start or have trouble finding the motivation to keep it up.

It is a stated fact that the human body gets fatigued by the same set of exercise routine after six weeks. Therefore it is important to mix and match one’s workout sessions. Cardio mixed with weight training / cross training or functional workouts can help break the monotony of the exercises. It is also a good idea to mix a dose of a free- run/jog or a cycling session as part of training.

After a workout, take a few minutes to assess yourself and the quality of your session. Do this regularly and you’ll develop incredible self-awareness, you’ll be more focused and therefore less likely to repeat errors in the future. You’ll learn how to push yourself harder and become a more mature athlete.

Well, that’s just 30% of the work done. The remaining 70% is what fuels your fitness regime. Healthful, plant-based food can be delicious, satisfying, and fun to prepare.

I always eat seasonal, clean, whole foods and maintain good portion control. It is because I cook my own meals, I feel good about what is going into my body.There's a popular belief that healthy food has to be boring, which is ridiculous.

And finally, the best recipe for a clean, toned even looking skin is a good night’s sleep! Most of our body’s recovery happens at this stage when we sleep. A good solid eight hours sleep is a perfect solution for rejuvenating and reenergizing dead cells and inducing muscle repair.

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