Life revolves between two alphabets B & D, where B stands for “Birth” & D stands for “Death” & we don’t have control over one’s birth & death but we should think that what is in our control. Once we will be able to understand the areas where we can work upon in our life, we can make our & others life more smooth & C stands for Choice, what we choose in our life. (Happiness or Pain), (Respond or React), (Love or hate).

“10 Golden Rules for a Happy life”

The most selfish one letter word “I” avoid it. We all have a strong urge for pleasure& we try to fulfil that urge by material things like fancy clothes, branded accessories, different types of foods. So on the way of fulfilling our wants & desires we create relationships & expect from our loved one to fulfil all our expectations. Till the time they fulfil our expectations, we find them very nice & lovable to us but when they deny to work as per our requirements,then our relations get bitter, We are living the life of super high expectations like My desires, my opinion, I hate this, I want this & due to these expectations from other, we make ourselves hurt most of the times. During this time, we learn only to take from others & we just forget to think about others & due to that all the problems occurs.

Let’s think, the day“we start to think about others, our most of the problems get resolves.”

“If we start to respect other”

“If we start to love others”

“ ifwe want to do charity” No one can stop us.

Once we start to think about others, we get served by others automatically.

As we all know that we can’t enjoy our life alone, so always encourage others & make a team to achieve a goal because it is very tough to live alone, always believe in We & use it as much as possible.

Three letters most poisonous word ego, due to that, most of the relations are falling apart, people are getting victim of ego, try to bend down, be flexible. Add value to each & every human being. Transform your ego in Humility & save the relationships on this earth. By bending down, we can make our relationships stronger & meaningful.

The most used four letter word love,we should use it. As we all are full of love but because of the lack of awareness about our internal system, we seek love outside, but in actual we all are full of love inner to out, so rather than looking for love outside, we should extract love from the inner self & should share it outside with the people. Once we shall start to love ourselves, everyone will like us & our presence.

The most pleasing five letter word Smile “Keep it to increase your face value “.

Smile connectsus with others.”If we can’t laugh on the same joke again & again then why we cry for the same problem again & again.” Problems will come in our life but how we will take it, either like a problem or an opportunity to improve further. We can’t change the external circumstances & the behaviour of others, but what we can change is our reaction on the same circumstance. So think out it & wear the smile as an ornament on your Face.

The fastest spreading six letter word Gossip, ignore it. Time is very precious understand the value of time. Don’t waste it while discussing about others.

Great minds always discuss about ideas to improve or grow in life rather than discussing about events & people.

The most hardworking seven letter word Success; we need knowledge & patience to succeed in life. We fall in our life many times but we should take that failure as a lesson &work on the weak areas to being strong for next time. If we get fail, get up, try again & again. “Believe in grow through life rather than go through life”.

“Success is all ABOUT TO achieve, sustain & SERVE”

The most viable eight letter word jealousy, distance it. It comes when we compare ourself with others, if we want to compare ourself with someone, try to compare yourself today from your past but comparing ourself from others is like insulting ourself. valueourself  rather  than comparing & being jealous from others.

The most powerful nine letter word “Knowledge” acquires it. We can conquer the world by being knowledgeable. We need of knowledge to make a living & making a life, with the help of technical skills we can earn our living &through spiritual or Behavioural skills, we can make our life more meaning & great.

The most essential ten letter word Confidence, wear it. Be yourself, believe in yourself. we can achieve anything in this world by our confidence


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