Finalist Detail 2018

Dr. S Pande

  • United Kingdom
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own Personality and Persona.
  • I am a mother, wife, daughter and dentist and have experience working within dental profession for over 10 years.

    I was born and brought up in Rajasthan and completed most of my schooling from Sophia School in Kota. I qualified with distinction as a dental surgeon from Udaipur then moved to London with my husband. I completed dental equivalency examinations to practice in UK.

    I have two beautiful daughters 7 and 4 years old.

    I describe myself as a kind-hearted modest and humble person. I find happiness in little things in life like playing and dancing with my daughters; spending time with my husband; interacting with my friends and spreading happiness by helping people whenever I can.

  • Your Achievements that makes you feel high.
  • I have achieved success through sheer hardwork, dedication and unrelenting perseverance.

    I qualified as a dental surgeon not only in India but also in the UK,where I also got selected as the Member of Joint Faculty of Dental Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons, England. I also completed my post graduate diploma from worlds’ most renowned academic centre for dentistry, Eastman Dental Institute at the University College London.

    It is difficult to write30 years of achievements in 100 words, but one of the achievements that I am proud of is successfully adapting to the new life and culture in UK. I am passionate about contributing to the community that I work and live in. Hence, as a dentist I have organised and participated in oral health awareness drives in local schools. I also support the charity institutes wherever I can.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. The world is beautiful and I believe if you are happy within yourself, you would be able to appreciate the beauty around you.

    Have a clean heart and clear conscience and every part of life will appear beautiful. One is beautiful if one thinks they are. Love, laugh, help others to feel the beauty.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • A family is complete when you actually understand each other, you have spent time and communicated with each other in today’s busy times. To make the family complete, each and everyone has a role to play and each role is very important.

    Health comes not only from balanced diet and investing in fitness but also from creating mentally stimulating environment, where each member is able to think openly, creatively and develop. Additionally, the emotional support that you provideto one another makes a family a happy one.

    Lastly, the most important aspect which makes family happy is the unconditional love for each other.

  • What is your favorite Idea of Holidaying?
  • The ideal holiday for me is when I am able to spend time with my family away from the modern world distractions like internet, mobile phone signal and daily chores of life.

    It would be close to the nature, where I can rejuvenate myself before I get back to normal day-to-day life.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs. India Earth ?
  • We should always try to do things, which gives us happiness and keeps the spark of life alive within us. If I feel happiness from within, it would reflect on my behaviour and in my day to day life. I would have a positive effect on my family, friends and potentially the community that I am part of.

    Being part of Mrs India Earth, if I can even play a little role in saving our planet I would be grateful for the opportunity. There are critical environmental issues facing us and future generations due to the industrialisation as well as neglect of nature.

    Mrs India Earth pageant gives me a chance to connect with my birth country – India.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • I believe, I am in a very unique position to look at India from the outside. When I do that, I see that the major problems our country has today does manifest from single one – overpopulation.

    What bothers me is not the political direction or people’s will; it is overpopulation and poverty giving rise to security issues and high crime rate. There is a significant gap between the rich and the poor.

    The ongoing issue of women not being given the equal rights as men, is a critical one and has become mainstream compared to what it was in the past.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • I have always learned a lot from the teachings of accomplished people but so far the quote that encourages me the most is a very simple one…

    “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try”

    I find it quite inspirational.

    Also, this quote addresses the idea of trying and trying hard for success in any walk of life and not giving up for the fear of potential failures.

  • What is true “Sportsmanship” for you?
  • True sportsmanship is notonly about participating or playing by the rules but also encouraging your fellow participants and supporting them to bring out the best in them.

    The true sportsmanship is collegiate and delivers the results that every participant has worked for and deserves.

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to make for our Society and how?
  • I am passionate about supporting vulnerable groups of our society especially children and women.

    I would contribute my time and resources to opening orphanages to help homeless and poor children, provide children with healthy, nutritious, disease and fear free environment. I will organise talks about child abuse,raise awareness and talk to women about their rights and domestic violence, directing them to the right people to discuss the issues they are facing in India.