Finalist Detail 2019

Dr. Kriti Sharma

  • New Delhi
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own personality and persona.
  • My name is Dr. Kriti Sharma. I am from Delhi. My personality is a blend of some fine fibers of teachings and “Samsk?ras” which I inherited from my parents, my home, my society, and my country. I am very proud to be an Indian. That’s God’s indeed a greatest gift to me. I am jovial, amicable, and a little bit mischievous too. I love to serve elders, my parents whole heartedly. I always want to do something more that is yet unexplored by me. And I am still exploring myself, that’s why I am on this platform.

  • Your Achievements that makes you feel high.
  • By God’s grace my life has been full of achievements. I performed very well in my studies and sports and extra-curricular activities. I have been a researcher and an established author. I have written five books & edited three. I passed more than 10 Government jobs and ranked 1st position in most of them. like Hindi officer in DRDO, Research officer & Evaluator in MHRD, inspector in ITBP, Translator in DELHI POLICE, PGT in KVS, PGT in DSSSB, Lecturer in SCC, Assistant Registrar in DU, Assistant Registrar JNU, Lecturer in CCSU, Lecturer in IGNOU, and Translator in CSOLS etc. these above mentioned achievements are only a mile stones in my life, there are many more ahead. Of course, there is much lee way to make up.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • True beauty is actually something indiscernible. According to Indian Sh?stras one can never exactly describe what he/she saw and one can never tell what he/she listened to. As every time the direction would be changed. Moreover we can’t see the things just touching to our eyes and we can’t see the things situated very far either. But still beauty is always an interesting thing to be described as it would also be a beauty. In short, I can say that a true beauty just lies where there is pure positivity. Where is positivity, there is sheer beauty. For example, we can see the beauty in our missiles parading on republic day but the same missile would look ugly if it lies in our enemy’s country. That’s it.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • According to our Dharmash?stras, if two people are living together, eating together, helping each other, paying attention to each other, care for each other, can’t be separated easily by any cause, so they called a family. They can be in all combination as in humans: males-males, male–females, human-animals, animal-animals, animal-nature (birds, trees etc.) etc. Fortunes and misfortunes are the parts of life, according to S?nkhya Darshana we cannot avoid them completely. So, I see a complete, healthy and truly happy family when every member is performing his/her role with all dignity, forgiveness, love, compassion, care and yes the blind faith. And that’s why in India the divorce ratio is only 1% i.e. the lowest in the world.

  • What is your favorite Idea of Holidaying?
  • I am a working woman. So I manage my weekends for some planned causes. My favorite idea for holidaying is to connect with the people who are disconnected by the misfortune. I go to temples/Gurudwaras and serve and feed the poor and elderly people, as they are totally neglected. And I believe in hidden charity so I motivate people for it but I do not usually popularize mine as it has become my general routine.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Earth?
  • MIE is a great platform to explore my inner strength, my determination, my dimensions, my sheer love for myself and for my family, my society, my country and indeed my world. The world has no boundaries if we can push ourselves for any noble cause. And the MIE is itself a centre for many social & noble causes. And, I can here contribute myself, I can do my creative bid. And it was my much awaited dream, that’s why I participated in prestigious MIE.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • Not a mere challenge can bother Indians but a combination of some others. Challenges may come, they are numerous, inevitable and natural, and they are all no doubt bothering to all but if we have the will power, self motivation and confidence then nothing is impossible. In a country, full of diversity like ours, differences based on castes, creeds, and religions are the main cause of inequality. And it is the first challenge that weakens human relations. Secondly, illiteracy comes forward to stagnate the development. We are living in 21st century but because of unequal treatment, still there are crore of people remain uneducated or illiterate, and thereby they are starving, living in superstitious and rigid life, becoming traitor, and just inhuman. So inequality leads to massive unawareness to our rights. The third challenge is to follow against the natural laws. And that is suppressing the mother tongue. This biggest pity in a country like us is the scenario where a perfect speaker of Hindi or any regional language is treated as uneducated just because of inability of speaking in English fluently. In this connection we must learn from France and some other developed European countries. Actually, this can’t be named a development as it is a clear decline. Forth one is under estimating and forgetting the precious role/contribution of a woman in the society. Since everyone in the world knows thoroughly the golden Rigvaidik period of India where Ritambhar?, Vrind?, V?gdevi, Ambhrini, G?yatri, Ghosh?, and Lop?mudr? etc. were of many lady heads of various individual Gurukulas and they were all treated as the highest saints of that era. So, it was a time when a lady had all the right to set her own goal and go for any achievement. So, it can be understood in the chain below:- Inequality (depravity) > unawareness of rights (uneducation) > rule against nature (ignoring mother tongue) > under estimating the power of woman (total decline). We can hope India will revive its Golden ancient culture one day.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • I’ve come across with lacs of quotes in my life. They all undoubtedly encourage me but the most encouraging quote is my father’s. He is now no more but guiding me incessantly from heaven. My father always said “be the Sun and to be the Sun is not a cup of tea. You have to burn constantly, you can’t just dream, you must hammer and forge yourself one. Only a wishful thinking cannot take us far on the way to self mastery. So, determination to build definite characteristics into life is only needed. And no doubt, this must be followed up with persistent striving.” So, I think we are just born to God's Great designs and we are here to fulfill our destiny.

  • What is true “Sportsmanship” for you?
  • Sportsmanship is a term that starts with sports and natural sports begin with childish and childish comes from innocence. So in my view a true sportsman can never lose innocence. Winning or losing is a definite part of life. One can win only when the other loses and one can lose only when other leads. And both are the part of the game and the game is for filling amusement in life so there is no space for any negativity or frustration. Yes, we can add more shine to our sportsmanship if we learn to forgive, respect all, be polite, sincere, and disciplined.

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to make for our Society and how?
  • As a researcher, my mind set is inclined to honour the root cause which inspired me to move ahead in any innovative task. Here on this platform we explore true beauty, both inner and outer. So, if I would be selected as a charity Ambassador, I would move forward to those people who are deprived and can see just my inner purity. I love all but my first move will be towards blind people. I recall my college days where I daily spent several hours to help and being scribers and recording study materials on tape recorders for blind students as a part of prestigious NSS team. So, I would like to do as much as I can in the welfare of blind people. In addition to this, my another interest is constantly towards serving deprived elderly people. As I think this is the blackest part of our life, neglecting our elders just because of their slowing pace. That’s why I try to help and feed them on weekends. Thanks to MIE for giving this opportunity to share my heartily views