Finalist Detail 2017

Mrs. A Garg

  • Ghaziabad
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own Personality and Persona.
  • A wife, a mother, an entrepreneur - these are the roles i essay in my everyday life. I suppose today this balance defines me the most. I am the hustler who will try to make any situation work towards my benefit. Arjeeta means Victor and that spirit of pushing me to win no matter where I am is a very strong notion that rules me. I will always be in it to win it.

  • Your Achievements that makes you feel high.
  • While I have done well in my field of fashion and entrepreneurship , what today feels like a high is the joy that motherhood brings me. My Son and every achievement of his today make me experience bliss. I suppose once a mother, everything personal ceases to make one high and everything that my Son achieves, defines those moments.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • Beauty to me is soul-deep and not skin-deep. True beauty comprises of compassion, empathy and love. True beauty is in a parent child relationship which is unadulterated, unconditional love. True beauty is in the lap of nature which is untarnished. True beauty is in a beautiful mind which has the capacity to create.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • Our kids must know high morals and values of our culture and family. Every member of a family should follow the language of love and know what is sharing caring is all about.  One should build family memories by spending time together. That’s the essence of happy and healthy family.

  • What is your favourite Idea of Holidaying?
  • A peaceful beach where I can sit silently for hours and can cherish every moment of nature like sunset, sunrise, high waves. It reminds me life is moving without end like a sea, nothing stays with us only memory of our loved ones will always remains in our heart.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Earth?
  • MIQS gives married women a platform to achieve their goals. My primary reason for joining this pageant is to boost my self confidence, because If I can be Mrs. India Earth, I can be anything I want. This is the only platform which challenges the set mentality that married women are meant to take care of the household. I believe there is more to me and this is the best platform to showcase that nationally and internationally.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • There are too many issues which truly disturbing in the country today. Whether it is the state of underdevelopment, poverty around us, looming terror threats, unequal society etc., what truly disturbs me as a woman and a mother is the increase of torture against women, especially in the form of rapes which seem to surface every day. They are the most inhumane thing a person can go through and as a society we are unable to create a substantial fear against it.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • “Don’t be a Parrot in life, be an EAGLE” because a Parrot talks too much & can’t fly high but an Eagle is silent and has the willpower to touch the sky, even in a rainstorm. With this thought my vision is clear, just work hard and keep moving in life no matter how worst the situation is.

  • What is true “Sportsmanship” for you?
  • True Sportsmanship to me is the ability to be humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat. It for me is that spirit which knows that the side that loses also put in their best and respects that even in victory. It also is the essence that the “game” is bigger than the “individual”.

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to make for our Society and how?
  • I would start some counseling centers for rape victims to support them starting social campaigning for social awareness of different social issues of the society for women welfare. My efforts would be in giving them a way of life, a livelihood as a part of rehabilitation. We already have enough people who just protest and raise voice, but very few who actually work with them in helping them restart their life. I would want to be a part of that process.